Yurok Tribe Sustainable Forest Project

In September, 2009, Western Rivers Conservancy (WRC) purchased 5518 acres in the lower Klamath River watershed from Green Diamond Resource Company, intending to transfer the property to the Yurok Tribe. WRC is listing the Project and will transfer to the Tribe with the land transfer. The Property has cultural importance to the Tribe, as it sits within the Yurok Ancestral Territory. Once it owns the property, and an adjacent 16,179 acres also in contract for purchase from GDRC, the Tribe will implement a "lighter touch" harvest strategy that will produce a continual supply of wood through repeated, light entries and the maintenance of a continuous tree canopy. The Tribe will strategically maintain carbon reserves and prairie management areas to preserve and enhance the ecological and cultural value of the property.

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Project Details

Project type:
Improved Forest Management
CA United States
Project developer(s) or entities involved:
Yurok Tribe
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Project size:
22,237 acres
Total actual emissions reductions:
Not disclosed
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[None Listed]
[None Listed]
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[None Listed]
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[None Listed]
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[None Listed]
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[None Listed]
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[None Listed]
Drivers of deforestation or forest degradation in the project area:
[None Listed]
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[None Listed]
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[None Listed]
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[None Listed]
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