Willits Woods

The Willits Woods Project is comprised of 18,008 acres of timberland on the larger 19,008 acre Willits Woods, which is located in the North Coast Range of California in central Mendocino County, generally west of the town of Willits, mostly south of Highway 20, between Willits and Fort Bragg.

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Project Details

Project type:
Improved Forest Management
CA United States
Project developer(s) or entities involved:

Coastal Ridges LLC

Project status:
Contact details:

Mark D. Edwards
North Coast Resource Management
P.O. Box 435
Calpella, CA 95418
Telephone (707) 485-7211

Project size:
18,008 acres
Total actual emissions reductions:
Not disclosed
Estimated annual emissions reductions:
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Official project start date:
Standard(s) and project area certifications:
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Crediting period:
Seeking additional support from:
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Official tenure and land-use rights on the project site(s):
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Co-benefits of the project to people or ecosystems:
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More about the project's co-benefits:
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Drivers of deforestation or forest degradation in the project area:
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Project activities that address deforestation or forest degradation:
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Forest/land cover type:
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Tenure and use rights:
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Species planting mix:
Verification status:
Scientific Certification Systems (SCS)
Credit status: