Juma Sustainable Development Reserve

Amazonas Sustainable Foundation and Amazonas State will invest the resources generated by avoided CO2 emission in controlling and monitoring deforestation within the Juma reserve and improving the region’s living standards. Investments are also expected to generate sustainable economic activities and to sponsor research and conservation project in and out the Juma reserve. Project Goals include reducding deforestation and degradation in 366.151 ha of rainforest, an area that is under severe land conversion pressure. The project aims to avoid the emission of 210,885,604 million tones of CO2 into the atmosphere by 2050, generating carbon credits equivalent to 189,767,027 tons of CO2 emissions. Additionally, the project seeks to improve the well-being of forest peoples living in the Juma Sustainable Development Reserve and its surroundings.

Project Details

Project Status:
Project Developer(s):

Fundacao Amazonas Sustentavel (FAS)

Contact Details:

Victor Salviati

+(92) 4009-8900 


Novo AripuaƱa, AM Brazil
Project Type:
Afforestation or Reforestation
Project Start Date:
Project Size:
589,612 hectares
Forest/Land Cover Type:
Tropical moist
Tenure and Use Rights:
[None Listed]
Sources of Deforestation:
[None Listed]
Species Planting Mix:
Native and exotic plantings: more than 50% native
[None Listed]
Verification Status:
Tuev Sued
Credit Status:
Seeking Additional Support:
Voluntary Over-the-Counter Market (OTC)
Total Reductions:
189,767,028 tCO2e
Historical Price Range:
Total Credits Sold:
Not disclosed
Total Credits Retired:
Not disclosed
Crediting Period:
Credit Buyers:
Additional Information:


Marriott International, Amazonas State Government, Bradesco Bank, Coca-Cola Brazil, Amazon Fund