The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST)

Since its inception in 1999, over 40,000 participants organised into over 5,600 TIST Small Groups have planted over six million trees in Tanzania, India, Kenya, and Uganda - accomplishing GhG sequestration through tree planting, creating a potential long-term income stream, and developing sustainable environments and livelihoods. Replication of TIST in India began in June 2002. Currently over 5,000 TIST participants in over 800 Small Groups are registered in the TIST program in Northern Tamil Nadu, India and are working to break their local cycle of deforestation, drought and famine. The trees are already beginning to reduce erosion, stabilize and enrich the soil, and will soon be providing shade. In the future, they will provide other benefits, including edible fruits and nuts, medicines, windbreaks, firewood and timber.

This PDD is for a reforestation project and applies to 111 of the Small Groups, 1,200 members, 175 project areas and 106 ha. The main species planted are Casuarina equisetifolia, Eucalyptus grandis and Tectona grandis.

As a grass roots initiative, Small Groups are provided a structural network of training and communications that allows them to build on their own internal strengths and develop best practices. Small Groups benefit from a new income source; the sale of carbon credits that result from the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere in the biomass of the trees and soil. These credits are expected to be approved for CDM and, because they are tied to tree growth, will be sustainable. The carbon credits create a new

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Project Details

Project type:
Afforestation or Reforestation
Kancheepuram, TN India
Project developer(s) or entities involved:
Tree Planting India Private Limited
Project status:
Contact details:

TIST Tree Planting India Private Limited
19/8 Lake View Road, Kottur
Tamil Nadu
+91(044) 42188438

Project size:
106 hectares
Total actual emissions reductions:
107,810 tCO2e
Estimated annual emissions reductions:
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Official project start date:
Standard(s) and project area certifications:
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Crediting period:
30 years
Seeking additional support from:
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Official tenure and land-use rights on the project site(s):
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Co-benefits of the project to people or ecosystems:
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More about the project's co-benefits:
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Drivers of deforestation or forest degradation in the project area:
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Project activities that address deforestation or forest degradation:
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Forest/land cover type:
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Tenure and use rights:
[None Listed]
Species planting mix:
Native and exotic plantings: more than 50% native
Verification status:
TUV-SUD (CDM Validation)
Credit status: