The Forest Conservation Grant Fund (Bolsa Floresta)

The Bolsa Floresta rewards traditional communities for their commitment to stop deforestation by distributing payments for ecosystem services to families, communities, and family associations. In order to be eligible to receive the grants, families must attend a two-day training programme on environmental awareness and make a zero deforestation commitment. In addition, they must enroll their children in school. They then receive a monthly payment of 50 reais (US$30). Community associations can also receive payments of up to 4000 reais (US$2500) to support legal income generation activities that do not produce smoke, such as bee keeping for honey production, fish-farming or forest management.

Cooperative iInvestment for administrative support to family associations makes up 10% of the total paid for the families during the year. Bolsa Floresta funds are generated by the interest on a core fund, first established with contributions from the Amazonas government and Bradesco. Deforestation will be monitored on a yearly basis by Amazonas Sustainability Foundation and the Amazonas State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainable Development (SDS) team and through satellite images analyzed by partner institutions. The programme currently covers six reserves and 2102 families in 6 Amazonas State Conservation Units. The objective is to expand to 4000 families by the end of 2008. Amazonas has succeeded in halving the deforestation rate over the last five years. The Bolsa Floresta aims to further reduce it.

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Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS)

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Rua Álvaro Braga, 351
Parque Dez de Novembro
Manaus - AM | 69055-660
Tel: (92) 4009-8900

Representative office

Rua Pequetita, 145 CJ 22
Vila Olímpia
São Paulo - SP | 04552-060
Tel: (11) 4506-2900

Manaus, AM Brazil
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Afforestation or Reforestation
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17,000,000 hectares
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[None Listed]
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Voluntary Over-the-Counter Market (OTC)
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