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Project Inventory

Ecosystem Marketplace's Forest Carbon Portal Project Inventory is a clearinghouse for information on land-based carbon market offset projects. It attempts to provide some transparency on the scope, value, duration, and financing mechanisms of terrestrial carbon sequestration projects around the globe.

Recent Projects

  • Amigos de Calakmul Mexico

    Location: Selva Maya, Yucatan Mexico
    Project Developer: Terra Global Capital LLC
    Para combatir las amenazas cada vez más graves del calentamiento global, Amigos de Calakmul lucha contra el cambio climático mediante la protección los macizos forestales de la Selva Maya, mediante la firma de convenios de conservación y con ello se ha reducido la tala y...
  • Panda's Habitat Rehabilitation Project on Degraded Lands of Shenguozhuang Nature Reserve

    Location: Yuexi County, 51 China
    Project Developer: Bluemarble Carbon Asset
    The mountains of Southwest China are one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world, harboring wide variety of flora and fauna species, including the best-known endangered animal giant pandas. In the past decades, due to unplanned logging, overgrazing and other unsustainable agricultural activities,...
  • Warcop Training Area

    Location: Warcop, CMA United Kingdom
    Project Developer: Woodland Trust
        This project, managed by the Woodland Trust, brings together many local stakeholders and interest groups. The land is owned by the Ministry of Defence and is used to provide training environments for soldiers. Although one of the key project aims is to further enhance and diversify...
  • Gallon Jug Forest Carbon Project Phase I

    Location: Gallon Jug, OW Belize
    Project Developer:  Forest Carbon Offsets LLC
    This project started in 2009 to protect 25,000 acres (8097 ha) of tropical forests in Belize, Central America.  Near the center of the property, 3,000 acres (1214 ha) has been managed as a cattle and coffee farm plus an ecotourism lodge (Chan Chich Lodge).   The property was...
  • April Salumei Sustainable Forest Management Project

    Location: Papua New Guinea
    Project Developer:  Rainforest Project Management Limited 
    The April Salumei project area is home to a number of forest dependent societies comprising 163 Incorporated Land Groups, living much the same now as they have done for hundreds of years. The project originated in 2008 with the traditional owners, represented by Hunstein Range Holdings, seeking a...

2012 Market Snapshot

Total Projects (2012)
Total Hectares (2012)
11.3 million
Market Value (2012)
US$216 million
Total Redutions (2012)
28 million tCO2e
Total Historical Redutions
134 million tCO2e
Average Price (2012)
US$7.8 per tCO2e
Source: State of Forest Carbon Markets 2012