Interview with Hasbi Berliani, Joko Waluyo and Avi Mahaningtyas, Kemitraan: “REDD is challenging, but we’re optimists”

2 April 2012

Interview with Hasbi Berliani (Programme Manager, Environmental and Economic Governance), Joko Waluyo (Stakeholders‭ ‬Engagement‭ ‬Specialist, Kemitraan-Forests Government Programme) and Avi Mahaningtyas (Chief of Cluster, Environmental and Economic Governance), Kemitraan, in Jakarta, March 2012.

REDD-Monitor: Could we start with some background about Kemitraan and the role the organisation plays in REDD in Indonesia.
Hasbi Berliani: Kemitraan was established in 2000. It was built as a continuation of a UNDP programme on support for governance reform after 1998 and the fall of the Suharto regime. The focus is to support a governance reform agenda. Kemitraan became an independent legal body in‭ ‬2003‭ ‬and is registered as a non-government organisation and at the same time retaining its status as a UNDP programme until the end of‭ ‬2009. It started with seven clusters of programmes but now it has changed to four clusters of programmes. The four clusters are public service governance, security and justice, democratisation and environmental and economic governance. There are more than 25 programmes now on-going. Kemitraan cooperates with central and regional government institutions,‭ ‬civil society organisations,‭ ‬media,‭ ‬university and research institutions,‭ ‬independent bodies,‭ ‬the private sector and international organisations in‭ ‬33‭ ‬provinces in Indonesia.