Indonesia's draft Forest Investment Plan opens for public consultation

5 March 2012

Forest Investment Program or the Forest Investment Programme (FIP) is one of the strategic funding climate-related programs under the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). FIP supports the efforts of developing countries to reduce deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) and to improve sustainable forest management (SFM), which reduces emissions of carbon savings and protection.  
Indonesia is one of the 8 (eight) pilot countries (pilot country) around the world participating in the FIP and has secured funding commitments to the allocation of funding FIP grant of U.S. $ 37.5 million (53.6%) and soft loans amounting to 32.5 million U.S. $ (46.6%).
Currently the Government of Indonesia with Multi Development Banks / MDBs (World Bank, ADB and IFC) was making a Forestry Investment Plan (Forest Investment Plan) Indonesia conducted through a process of consultation with various parties.   For the purpose of producing a document that is credible and inclusive, the draft Investment Plan for Forestry in the framework of FIP will be disseminated to the public to get input from various parties.