Climate Action Reserve Becomes First Registry to Begin Accepting Compliance Offset Projects for California’s Cap-and-Trade Program

18 May 2012

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Climate Action Reserve, the nation’s premier carbon offset registry, has become the first registry to accept submissions for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction projects under California’s cap-and-trade protocols while it undergoes the application process to become a California Air Resources Board (ARB) accredited offset project registry. Project owners and developers may submit project documents to the Reserve to get a head start in obtaining review of project documents, ensure their adherence to ARB’s adopted offset protocols and list the projects in the Reserve’s registry.

“We are eager to drive forward California’s carbon market and help achieve real, immediate and cost-effective reductions in greenhouse gas emissions,” said Gary Gero, President of the Reserve. “By processing compliance projects at this juncture, we are helping to ensure that there will be sufficient offset supply for the market in the early going. Our deep experience and expertise in the four Reserve offset protocols adopted by ARB for use in its compliance program are second to none, and we are excited about the opportunity to grow our respected offsets program into the regulated sector.”