Blogging Durban

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First on the list is the Eko-Eco blog, where you'll get daily updates on how REDD+ and LULUCF negotiations are progressing, with great commentary that brings the big picture into focus.


Center for International Forestry Research

CIFOR's blog will be highlighting forestry issues as they emerge from negotiations, side-events, and announcements in Durban. They'll be heavy on the REDD coverage and feature posts in French, Spanish and Bahasa


International Institute for Sustainable Development

Not a blog, per se, but the IISD offers some of the most comprehensive coverage of COP negotiations and side-events out there. Definitely a bookmark-worth resource for the wonks out there.


Climate & Development Knowledge Network

A live feed from COP17 at Durban with some great commentary and insight from CDKN staff.


Alert Net

This live feed of all things Durban provides short write-ups from Alert Net reporters, and also aggregates Twitter feeds from a variety of sources. A great site to drop in and see what's happening write now with negotiations, meetings, and side-events



The REDD-net blog is using its network of REDD-net partners to cover REDD+-related negotiations and side events, as well as general coverage of the UNFCCC negotations in Durban.


The Center for People and Forests

This blog will mostly feature posts on forest communities, safeguards, and land tenure in COP negotiations, with a general focus on Asia and Pacific region.


One Climate

The Rolls-Royce of Durban blogs, including access to a mobile app for smartphones, check here for a stream of solid content on all things Durban. You can also post questions and comments which are responded to live.


The Best Environmental Politics Blog of All Time (Kemi-Fuentes George)

This blog from an assistant professor in Political Science and Environmental policy at Middlebury College brings some humor to what can be a pretty unfunny two weeks. The blogger provides a great digest of daily events and has said that he will blog the entire event (although by day two his regret at expressing that commitment is apparent)


If you found this list helpful, take a look at our list of must-reads and our guide to side events.